Roger Mason Fired As BIG3 Commissioner After Corruption Allegations

Ice Cube will replace Roger Mason Jr. as commissioner of the BIG3 after Mason was fired due to corruption allegations, TMZ reports.

Mason’s alleged corruption with a pair of Qatari investors is outlined in a letter that was sent to BIG3 players, coaches and staff and was obtained by TMZ.

According to TMZ, Ayman Sabi and Ahmed Al-Rumaihi, who were brought to the BIG3 by Mason, were sued for allegedly cheating the league out of millions in investments. TMZ adds that Mason allegedly refused to cooperate with the BIG3 during the lawsuit because of his relationship with Sabi and Al-Rumaihi, and the league felt he was obligated to take its side because of his role as commissioner.

Additionally, the BIG3 says it has evidence Sabi and Al-Rumaihi were paying for gifts and vacations for some BIG3 employees while not paying the league, according to TMZ. This led to the league insinuating that Mason received these benefits and it corrupted his ability to be commissioner, according to TMZ.

Ice Cube, the founder of the league, will operate as commissioner until the league finds a long-term replacement, according to TMZ.

On Monday, the league announced its second season will start June 22 in Houston.

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