Oklahoma Man Fakes Kidnapping And Asks For $375 Ransom

Okay, sir, if you think this is best.

According to reports, Jonathon Michael Davis, 34, was arrested and charged with extortion and false reporting of a crime when he faked his own kidnapping to trick his wife and friends to pay a ransom of $375 each.

The Oklahoma man’s family received ransom notes directing them to deposit money into a Paypal account or Davis would be physically harmed.  Owasso Deputy Chief Jason Woodruff said text messages were sent to Davis’ friends and his wife who were scared because they assumed it was legitimate kidnapping.

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Law enforcement was puzzled when questioned by local reporters as to why Davis asked for that specific amount during his faux ransom outreach. Soon after, federal authorities joined the Owasso police department in trying to locate Davis.

Authorities was able to track Davis’s cellphone to a nearby casino and found Davis sitting inside at a gambling table.

“This is a new one on me,” Woodruff said. “I’ve been a police officer for 25 years and I’ve never seen anything like this,” he said.

So it would appear the reason for Davis’ kidnapping was simply to fuel his own gambling. The lengths people will go to are quite astonishing.

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