Juelz Santana Posted Bail To The Tune of $500,000

After a few struggle weeks due to his attempt to sneak a handgun and controlled substances through airport security but it seems like the Harlem rapper has caught his first break of 2018.

After initially being denied bail a few weeks ago, Juelz was finally granted the opportunity to post some temporary freedom paper this past Friday (April 6) when a judged ruled the “Oh Boy” rapper be released into the custody of his mother after posting a $500,000 bond.

Speaking to The Record, Juelz Santana a.k.a. LaRon James said he was happy to be in “God’s good graces” and up to that point was “praying every day. He came through for me … just gotta do the right thing, do everything I need to do the right thing so I stay home.”

But it won’t be all good in the hood for Santana. Feds are currently prosecuting Juelz on gun and drug charges and due to his history of not complying with court orders, judge Michael A. Hammer also order that in addition to surrendering his passport, Juelz also has to wear an ankle monitor and be under 24-hour lockdown. Hey, better than being locked up, right?

No word yet on when trial will be set to begin but at least Juelz doesn’t have Robert Mueller leading the prosecution against him. If he did then there would be a good chance that Cam’ron, Jim Jones and half of Harlem would end up facing charges.

source: hiphopwired


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