Jay Z Sued for Allegedly Not Paying Lawyers for Tidal Purchase

Two Swedish law firms Jay Z‘s S. Carter Enterprises hired to purchase music streaming service Tidal back in 2014 are now suing Hov, claiming they have yet to receive over $600,000 in payment, according to court documents obtained by the Blast.

Roschier and SEB were hired by S. Carter Enterprises as representation in the Tidal deal. They were to “act as financial advisor and handling the settlement agent to Carter Enterprises or its designee for the Tidal deal.”

Tidal was successfully launched in 2015, so once the deal was finalized Roschier and SEB sent their bills to S. Carter Enterprises. However, both law firms now claim they have yet to receive full payment. Roschier billed Jay Z’s company for about $629,000. In May and September of 2015, the firm had received partial payments, but Jay Z still owed $294,000. Roschier adds that S. Carter Enterprises never disputed the bill.

Similarly, SEB billed Carter Enterprises for $785,894 but also only received partial payment. SEB claims there is still a balance of $304,383

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