Call Kirk Frost: #LHHATL’s Rod Is Raging After Jasmine Dumped Him, But Why Is He Still Babysitting Lil Kannon???

Rob Bullock Calls Out Ex-GF Jasmine For Using Him To “Raise” AKA Babysit Kirk Frosts Seed

Last night on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, Kirk Frost and his newest baby mama Jasmine finally put their differences aside and began working things out for 2-year-old Kannon. Kirk had expressed to Jasmine that although he has been there for Kannon financially, he had fell back from reaching out physically to avoid her messy 3-way relationship with Rod and Keyana Whatsername.

Welp! Jasmine has reassured Kirk that Rod and her lesbian lover were no longer factors, and that she dumped the relationship for a healthier environment….

But, not so fast! Rod went off on Jasmine yesterday during the episode, claiming he was babysitting Cannon LAST NIGHT. He also claims to have been “raising” the two-year old this whole time despite Kirk’s promise to step in.

Swipe to read Rod’s whole rant from the babysitter’s couch here:

What’s going on here??? Do you think Rod is just mad he got his pimp status reduced to man-ny? Or is Jasmine playing both sides?

source: bossip

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