Adrien Broner I Might’ve Ended Manny’s Career

Adrien Broner says he’d LOVE to fight Manny Pacquiao again … but isn’t sure it’ll happen because after he thinks he may have injured Pac-Man so badly during their fight, Manny might be DONE FOREVER.

Also, Broner shows us stacks and stacks of money … like a lot of money … guy claims to be very, very, economically stable.

Our broke asses got Broner — with his buddy “The Youngest Legend” — at LAX on his way to Atlanta, where AB told our destitute camera guy he was headed to ATL for Super Bowl festivities … then he flashed the cash.

When we asked what the money was for, Broner said at least part of the haul — $100k — was to bet on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, which seems like a pretty good idea.

But, when we asked him about a possible rematch with Pacquiao to attempt to avenge his loss from earlier this month — AB suggested he might’ve finished Pac-Man off for good.

“Well, they say I detached his retina, so I don’t know if he gonna box again. I hope so though.”

There were early reports that Pacquiao did, in fact, suffer a detached retina during the bout — but his camp has since refuted those claims … saying the injury was nothing more than a scratched cornea.

If true, a detached retina is a possible career ender for a boxer. A scratched cornea, not so much.

Right or wrong … Broner’s still rich.

source: tmz

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