50 Cent – Petition Launched To Cut His Relationship w/ Starz For Mocking Terry Crews

Following several Instagram posts made by 50 Cent, ridiculing Terry Crews for being a victim of sexual assault, a group has started a petition to have the rapper removed from the show Power. 50 is an executive producer and star of the series.  The petition is just shy of their goal of 10,000 signatures. They’re asking that Starz end their relationship with 50 Cent after he dedicated many social media posts to mocking Terry Crews.

50 Cent’s posts insinuated that Crews was somehow less of a man for being a victim of sexual harassment. His words were not only disappointing but also indicative of what the #MeToo movement is fighting against.

Is this the mentality of Hollywood needs right now? Is this the type of producer Starz wants to work with? 50 Cent has sent a message loud and clear that he is not a fan of the #MeToo movement. And the actors in his employ now know that they can’t look to him if they ever experience sexual abuse at work.

source: thejasminebrand

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